• A:Yes. The university housing is available on the basis of first come first served. Please submit your request for university housing as early as you can. Please note some of China’s universities cannot offer enough accommodation for international students and students need to rent a house off campus.
  • A:All students have to register on their designated day of registration. Students must bring the following documents and register at the International Students Office of the University. 1. Offer letter (original copy) 2. Visa Application for Study in China form/JW202 form (original copy) 3. Physical examination record and blood test reports 4. Valid Passport 5. Photos in passport size (at least 6 copies) 6. Academic documents you have provided at the time of admission (Photo copies)
  • A:Usually, a student staying in China longer than 6 months is required to hold Student Visa(X visa) to enter a university.
  • A:For Chinese Government Scholarship (CSC Scholarship), applicants can apply from each January to March. For Confucius Institute Scholarship, applicants can apply from each March to April. For Provincial or University Scholarships, the application deadline varies on each university.
  • A:It depends on different universities. Most of China universities can only accept payment in cash or Union Pay Card if you pay on arrival. If you pay before arrive to China, you may use credit card or other international payment method.

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