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Outstanding Graduated Overseas Students Employment in China Related Notice

Recently, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs issued a notice to allow qualified foreign graduates to be employed with an averagesalary as locals. Lets go have a look the details.

  1. 1. Are YOU involved in?


  • International students, graduated from Master's or higher degree in China, within 1 year time aftergraduation.

  • International students graduated from well-known overseas universities with Master's or higher degree,within 1 year after graduation.

2. Are you fit with the following conditions?

(1Over 18 years old and health;
(2) No criminal record;
(3) Good grades(with average score OVER 80), without bad record during the period of overseas study;
(4) Obtain related academic qualifications and degrees;
(5) Having a certain employing unitand recruited in counterparts of learning professional;
The salary in principle is not lower than the average of the local workers in the same town or city.
(6) Holding a valid passport or other international travel documents which can replace passport.

  1. 3. Hows the procedure?

  2. The Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or Foreign Experts Manage Department for examination and approval in accordance with the regulations. Foreigner Employment licenses andForeigner Employment Permit (or Work Permit and Employment licenses, same below) will be issued to qualified international students.

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  1. Employing unit want to hire qualified foreign graduates, should apply to the local Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security or Foreign Experts Manage Department. And provide the following materials:

(2) The employment letter of intent (including intentional compensation);
(3) The employment report
(4) Health certificate;
(5) Certificate of Non-criminal Record;
(6) Degree certificate;
(7) Non Bad Behavior Records and Transcripts which issued by the university during the period study;
(8) Recent full-face bust photowithin six months.

  1. Employment License will be issued to the eligible overseas students graduate from China universities. For the overseasstudents, 

  2. who is holding a work permit outside China, should according to the provisions to apply the Z visa. And theyshould applying 

  3. Foreigner Employment License after they arrive in China

NoticeForeigner Employment Permit is valid for 1 year for the first time. It can be extend but no more than 5 years.